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Why are you tired all the time?

December 5, 2019

Do you wake up feeling tired?

No matter how many hours of sleep you get and no matter how many cups of coffee you drink — you just feel exhausted. Staying awake during work feels impossible, you’re grumpy all the time, and you just want to feel normal again.

While it’s difficult to know the exact reason you’re feeling tired all the time without seeing you in person, you can find out the most common reasons most people are constantly tired.


#1. Poor quality sleep

If you’re not sleeping in the optimal position for your body, you won’t be giving your body adequate recovery time. This is because your body won’t be receiving the high quality sleep it would otherwise have.

To remedy this, ensure you’re sleeping in a comfortable position at night. This might require changing your mattress, pillows, and sleeping position.Other factors like night-time activities or sleeping environment will also affect the quality of your sleep.


#2. Poor diet

One major factor in your body’s energy levels is your diet.

The food you put in your body fuels you for the entire day. If you’re not eating the right foods, you’ll find yourself feeling uncomfortable, sluggish, and just ‘not right’.

A common mistake people do, is skip meals. For example, skipping breakfast every morning can leave you feeling exhausted for the rest of your day. And if you’re having your coffee before you’ve even, you can even experience stomach discomforts.


#3. Medications

Do you constantly feed yourself medication for your pains or discomforts?

Some medication can leave you feeling tired and ill. For example, blood pressure medication, antihistamines, and antidepressants are known for making people feel sleepy.

While we can’t recommend you to stop taking them, you can ask the person who prescribed it to you if there are alternatives.

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