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Osteopath vs Physiotherapist: Which Is Better?

December 6, 2019

Have you recently sustained an injury and want to make sure you get the right treatment?

Maybe you’ve suffered from back pain for as long as you can remember, you’ve recently injured yourself participating in sports, or maybe you’ve just come out of surgery…

But unfortunately, if you’re trying to find out which treatment option (osteopathy or physiotherapy) is better — the answer is that there is no ‘better’ treatment.

Both osteopaths and physiotherapists are trained health professionals that can improve your body’s condition.

But the nature of the pain or discomfort you’re facing will determine who you should see.

The difference between an osteopath and physiotherapist

The main difference between the two treatment options is that physiotherapists focus on single aspects of the body, while osteopaths focus on the body as a whole.

Osteopaths take a holistic approach to treatment. For instance, instead of focusing solely on your lower back’s pain, an osteopath will take into consideration the state of the rest of your body. This could mean fixing the tilt of your pelvis, the movement in your legs, and more.

Physiotherapists focus on movement related discomforts. This could be as a result of injury, surgery, or even old age. They then focus on treating that specific area to improve your body’s movement.

Who should I see?

If you have visited your GP and have already been recommended a treatment — it is best to listen to their advice and start from there.

However, if you’ve been experiencing pain over a longer period of time and general practitioners haven’t been able to pinpoint the issue, or if you’ve visited other specialists and have experienced little results…

You should visit our osteopaths and approach your pain and discomforts from a holistic angle.

While some conditions may be concentrated in one area and can be treated effectively with a physiotherapists — yours may be a collective result of multiple imbalances in your body that need a holistic treatment.

Want a holistic treatment for your pain and discomforts?

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