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Great exercises to improve your posture

November 5, 2019

Find yourself slouching at your desk during work, walking around with a hunched back, and suffering from neck or back pains?

You’ve heard it before but having good posture is a must if you want to keep your body in good condition. When you have poor posture, unnecessary stress is placed on your neck, shoulders, back, knees, and more.

One common reason for poor posture is due to muscle imbalance and body stiffness.

If you have muscle imbalances, certain parts of your body will pull more strongly than others. For example, if you have an imbalance between your back and chest, you might have shoulders that roll forward due to weak back muscles. This can lead to all sorts of pain later on.

But luckily, there are exercises you can do that can improve your posture and help you live pain-free:

#1. Child’s Pose

If you have a tight back, shoulders, and legs — this is the perfect exercise for releasing tension and working on your flexibility.

How to get into child’s pose:

#1. Sit with your knees underneath you
#2. Extend your arms above your head and fold your body forward
#3. Place your head on the floor and breathe deeply
#4. Allow your body to naturally sink deeper into the floor

#2. Hip Flexor Stretch

Do you have pelvic tilt?

This could mean your pelvis tilts either downwards or upwards. This can lead to lower back pain because you’ll be walking around with your back in a position that’ll constantly place unnecessary stress on it.

How to stretch your hip flexors:

#1. Get into a lunge position with one leg extended in front
#2. Bring your rear knee down to the ground gently
#3. Ensure both your back and front legs form a 90 degree each (front foot underneath your knee and your hips on top of your rear knee)
#4. Shuffle your front foot forward
#5. Shift your hips forward, squeeze your glutes to ensure your lower back doesn’t over arch, and engage your core

Tip: Make sure your body, hips, and shoulders are both pointing forward (not tilting to the side).

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