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How to Choose the Best Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

September 5, 2019

Find yourself rolling around in bed for hours at night?

Wake up feeling just as tired as you did the night before?

Stiff neck and back making everyday life a hassle?

Your pillow might be destroying your sleep without you even knowing about it. You sleep on it for 8 hours a night (hopefully), so it’s absolutely vital for your health to make sure you’re using the right pillow.

These tips will help you find the perfect pillow to get a restful night’s sleep…
4 Tips To Picking The Right Pillow

#1. Are you a side or back sleeper?

The pillow that will best support you and give you a good night’s rest will depend on the position you sleep in most often.

If you find yourself sleeping on your side, a thicker pillow will keep your head in alignment and make sleep easier.

If you sleep on your back mostly, a flatter pillow will stop your head from craning forward all night.

#2. How hard do you like your pillow?

One of the most important factors in having a good night’s rest, is your level of comfort.

If you prefer soft and fluffy pillows — choosing a hard pillow because it’s ‘better for you’ will just lead to discomfort and ultimately sleepless nights.

Pick a pillow that’s the right firmness for you. Down and feather pillows are soft and fluffy. However, you’ll need to do fluff your pillows to keep the fibers from going flat.

Memory foam pillows are often more firm, but will mould to your body as you use it.

There is a wider variety of pillows than the most common memory foam, down etc. Try out a few and see what you like.

#3. Size matters

Get the right sized pillow for your bed and your preferences.

If you have a queen size pillow for your king sized bed, you’ll find yourself either pillowless as you roll around at night or repeatedly waking up to move your pillow back underneath your head.

Some pillows are simply higher than others. While the hardness of your pillow and its height may correlate, this isn’t always the case.

Choose a pillow that you can lay underneath your head that doesn’t move your head out of its natural alignment.

#4. Try a few out

The most important step in finding the right pillow, is to try a few out.

Most people have grown up using one specific type of pillow. Maybe you’ve always thought that down pillows were the best because of the expensive price tags or that memory foam was the best for you because it moulds to your body.

But everyone’s body is different. And the pillow you’ve stuck to religiously for years, just might not be the best fit.

Borrow your siblings pillow, ask a friend if you can lay on theirs, or go out and just buy a new one (chances are, you haven’t replaced your pillow in years anyways).

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