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How does osteopathy help with tendonitis

June 5, 2019

When you overuse your body through repetitive movements at work, while playing sports, and while exercising — your tendons may become inflamed.

This is especially true if bad posture and bad form is used during these movements.

This is tendonitis.

Some symptoms you may experience include:

  • Dull ache
  • Tender to the touch
  • Pain worsens when moving
  • Mild swelling

If you’ve been experiencing this, you’re probably thinking…

What if I just leave my tendonitis alone?

While your pain may temporarily subside if you provide the affected area with enough rest…

Tendonitis sufferers usually find themselves with the exact same pain a few months later. And if left alone, the damage may even accumulate and become worse.

Does this sound like you?

After weeks of pain, icing and resting your painful area, you think you’re finally ready to go back to your normal everyday life. You go back to your usual movements, although a bit stiff. After a while, you forget you ever hurt yourself…

Then it comes back.

Over and over again.

The reason for this is because even though the pain is gone, the reason why it happened in the first place isn’t addressed.

If you want long lasting (possibly even permanent) tendonitis relief, you need to find out what is causing it and follow a plan to address each factor.

How osteopathy can help your tendonitis

When you worked with a trained osteopath, we focus on finding the root cause of your tendonitis.

Often times, your tendonitis is caused by poor posture or form when conducting specific movements. These movements are what you do on a regular basis. It could be related to work, the exercise you do, and the hobbies you have.

By taking all of this into consideration, together we can create a plan to overcome your tendonitis.

This may include stretches, exercises, and massages. On top of this, changes to your posture, form, and habits can be made for long-term results.

Do you want a professional osteopath to treat your tendonitis and bring you long lasting results?

Contact us today.

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