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Can Osteopathy Really Ease Pain During Pregnancy? Why?

October 5, 2019

Are you several months pregnant and suffering from lower back pain, pelvic pain, or any other discomforts?

While you may be skeptical, thinking that nothing can help your lower back pain while carrying a 3kg baby in your body — osteopathy may be an effective way to ease your discomforts and keep your baby 100% safe in the process.

How osteopathy can ease your pregnancy pain

Osteopaths are regulated healthcare practitioners that focus on your body as a whole. 

By re-adjusting the alignment of your body, working with your soft tissue, and addressing any imbalances in your body — the discomforts you may experience during your pregnancy may be reduced.

For example, if you have any pre-existing imbalances in your muscles or any skeletal alignment issues — having the added weight of a baby will multiply the negative effects it may have on your body. 

While poor posture might not leave you in pain in the short term, having a baby will quickly bring you the long term discomforts that poor posture will inevitably cause.

The same can be said for any other imbalances. 

What about post-pregnancy?

Just like you may experience pain during pregnancy, your body may be in discomfort post-pregnancy as well.

When you are carrying a baby, your body adapts by making subtle changes to the way you sit, move and stand. These changes accommodate the growth of the baby and the additional weight and forces on your body.

However, once you give birth to your beautiful child, you will no longer have that weight. But since you have subconsciously changed your posture and movement — you will need to adjust again or you may experience discomfort as a side-effect.

While it is possible to naturally adapt to your body’s post-pregnancy state, osteopathic treatment can both speed up the process and decrease the chances of any long lasting discomfort.

Are you or someone you know experiencing pregnancy pains? 


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